Email Scams

12 Jun

I checked my email this morning to find an email allegedly from PayPal saying that I had added /changed my email address to Of course there was a form attached to the email which the email creator asks to be opened. I didn’t open it as I know that they will request personal information, or even worse it may have a virus.

These scams are so annoying, and it is really about time that something is done to get it stopped. I always report these scams and send them to the various security departments.  Surely in this modern age these people can be traced and stopped. A lot of details can be found within the email header.

I would certainly give up time to try to catch these people and I am certain that many more people would too. The scams are not only a nuisance but they are dangerous too, a lot of unknowing people could hand over their personal information and potentially lose a lot of money to these would be fraudsters.

If anyone receives this particular scam and you are unsure, please give PayPal a call and ask them about it. You can also go to the PayPal website help pages and find out how you can send the scam email to them. 

Please don’t be caught out!  Stay safe out there.

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Posted by on June 12, 2011 in General


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